About Snapppt

About Snapppt

We’ve long been trying to solve the question faced by any business including our own,

"Who's going to promote my products, my business?"

...and now we’re intent on doing just that with a tool that may come to be described by some as Tinder for business.

The eCommerce promise falls short

The eCommerce promise falls short

...chances are that you are already using some pretty spectacular technology for your business using one of many excellent platforms such as SupaDupa or, Shopify that make starting an online business a seamless, gratifying experience that removes every type of technical obstacle and money sucking tasks you may have otherwise endured in setting up an online business only a few years ago. Thanks to these and many other good eCommerce platforms & selling venues, setting up shop today has become so easy that sellers are flocking in their droves to showcase millions of new products every year without much thought ever given to the way they got there.


But, as complete a solution to the transactional side of online selling is, none provide a predictable pipeline of customers with wallets at the ready as part of setting up a shop. Today, new online brands find it easier than ever to may an online appearance but the effort to reach out and acquire new customers is still the most difficult and unreliable process faced by online businesses today. 


With those things in mind, we decided to take a different path and rethink the way products and brands reach the attention of prospective buyers. What we found was a staggering shift in the ways customers used to discover new products in the recent past and the actual ways that same product discovery is happening today.

Troubling news as website numbers are headed
to eclipse web users by 2019

Troubling news as website numbers are headed to eclipse web users by 2019

The problem stems from the fast growth of websites today compared to the gradual pace of a few years ago.


When Yahoo launched in 1994 there were a staggering 9000+ users for every website on the internet. Today that same ratio has dropped to a mere 3 users per website. At this rate of growth, by 2019 there will be more websites than there are users for them.


Google searches can no longer be relied on as a predictable customer acqusition channel as it may have been in the past. The influc of new websites and shops competing for a tiny set broad keywords and phrases make it an increasingly unrealistic objective for aspiring marketers. Worst still, competition via traditional CPC advertising and display ads will become an untenable solution to most as advertisers outbid each other for staring key phrases with the biggest spender wins. This is especially bad news for new emerging brands with modest marketing budgets that try to compete using advertising. Most quickly become overwhelmed with increasing CPC competition that forces them to spend even more money on advertising or, seek alternative means to finding their audiences through laborious shot-in-the-dark social network tactics and quasi-accountable advertising budgets all with the objective of finding customers.

Sparking new relationships

Snapppt sparks new relationships between sellers and influencers. Doing so overcomes the current reliance of sellers needing to forge direct one-on-one relationships with buyers via advertising and marketing efforts.


We’re starting from the position that word of mouth serves as a powerful alternative to advertising. If it isn't already obvious it is backed up by studying the detailed trajectory of our own sales channels that continue to demonstrates that when it comes to marketing, word of mouth wins hands down on conversion, customer lifetime value, product ratings and onward referrals. With Snapppt we’re trying to bring the oldest form of marketing into the 21st century by mechanising the opportunities that the right network of relationships bring. We thought it’s time to get on board and play a role in shaping the way people will be interacting with the retail world of tomorrow. We're marrying data gathered from visual interactions with a broad range of product driven insight. The intention is to build mutually gratifying interactions between product owners and influencers, rewarding them in doing so and in a way that re-democratises these opportunities.

What’s coming up?

Snapppt will be available as a 1-click store extension via the ‘App Store’ on: SupaDupa, Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, Wordpress eCommerce, Yahoo Stores, Volusion, AmeriCommerce, Big Cartel, Goodsie, SquareSpace, Wix, Tictail, 3d Cart, EKMpowershop, Presta shop, SEO shop, Webs, X-cart and other platforms with 3rd party apps

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