Discover brands perfectly matched to you.

Discover opens a whole new world. Unbelievable stats, indescribable insights.

content + performance stats = Powerful media kit. 

Why Snapppt?

Consistent & direct revenue

Paid per post directly through snapppt

maximise profits

Set your own fee based on engagement rather than follower

bespoke matches

perfectly matched brands to keep your posts authentic and engaging

Full control

opt into campaigns you want to work on. Decline the ones you don't

interactive media kit

create a widget displaying the most successful campaigns you have worked on with stats to prove it

Complicated data. Humanised. 

Instagram data collated and interpreted giving you what you need to make informed decisions.

Who is Snapppt for?



The Adventurous.

- Discover opens the door to not just making any connection, we are talking walking down the isle connection. 

- With snapppt, you will only get matched with brands your audience will relate to and engage with.

- Develop And Collaborate Campaigns Based On Engagement Levels, Rather Than Just The Number Of Followers.

- Participate In Direct Conversations Between Brands And Influencers, Removing The Middle Man. 





The Financially Savvy.

- Monetise your posts by engagement rather than just the number of followers. Your reach could be greater than you thought.

- Create a profile only listing your interests and your rates. only work with brands your audience will engage with.

-In Short This Opens The Door To Thousands Of Potential Collaborations In The Future!



The Inquisitive.

- detailed engagement stats for yourself and main competitors

- Granular detail on individual posts. Information on engagement, performance, success with comparison to previous posts.  

- Snapppt has visibility of millions of Instagram profiles, both influencers and brands. We filter through the vast ocean of available information and funnel it into digestible information.

- The information you see is only the most important data, eliminating data blindness. use these to help you to make the most informed decisions. 




The Agile.

- Understand more about your audience, identify the posts that were ♡ the most. Keep on creating.

- Helps with choosing the best brands to work with and campaigns to work on. understand the posts that you need to create for a successful campaign with each individual brand. 

- Control And Curate Your Content, reuse images from previous campaigns to create a “Collaboration Portfolio”

- Digital First, interactive media kit with stats to back up your engagement. 

Use discover as an influencer. Reveal new opportunity for collaboration, understand success and gather brand advocacy by creating content portfolio.