How the Meghan Markel Effect changed the game for these 6 brands

How the Meghan Markel Effect changed the game for these 6 brands

Meghan Markle.. Where to start? The American actress is living out every girls dream, she’s essentially becoming a Princess ..(Duchess). She gets the castle & all that comes along with being married to one of the most eligible royals. The Meghan Effect is taking the world by storm, she’s a worldwide phenomenon. She’s bringing together groups of women who normally would not be as interested in the grandeur of the royal wedding. Her impact on the fashion industry has only just begun, everything she wears becomes a top seller.  People are attracted to her style because it looks like the everyday 21st century women. She’s captivated the world with her beauty and charm. She’s the ultimate style influencer - she creates engagement and drives up revenue for any brand she wears, Strathberrys web traffic increased by 5,000 percent, and had over 3,000 shoppers sign up for stock updates on the Tricolor Midi Tote.

1. The “Jackie O” dress by Black Halo, a Los Angeles based brand, sold out in less than 10 hours after she was seen wearing it!

The infamous “Jackie O” dress which has been worn countless times by other celebrities has never impacted the brand like it has with Meghan. The perfect LBD can be worn by any woman - @tatib_official and @courtneyfriel - one an influencer, and the other a news correspondent, have both generated high engagement for the brand with an average reach of 1,800 per post compared to the brands own average of 100.


2. The $790 Mackage ‘Mai’ coat sold out one hour after she was seen wearing it on her trip to Northern Ireland. The Montreal based brand had more than 1.5 billion media impressions on their site. You can now “Get The Royal Look” by pre-ordering the Mai and Elodie jackets.

Inluencers such as @rochelleclarkeofficial and @christianbendek are visual proof that when influencers know their audience, they know what works. By finding the right influencer for your brand - their followers then become yours. Mackage is mentioned by 331 others, who together have a reach of 1,368,240 amplified engagement which in relation to the brands own is 1,065.

3. Strathberry the Scottish bag company gained worldwide popular when Meghan carried both their Midi Tote and East/West Mini bag which instantly sold out in minutes. You can now shop their line at Selfridges, and have plans to expand internationally due to the Markle Effect! They expect sales to increase as much as 40% thanks to the growing awareness of its brand.

Strathberry appears to have benefited from the effect of 98 other influencers such as @hellooctober and @juliacomil whom cumulatively generate the brand an amplified engagement of 332,309. This as compared with the brand’s own average engagement of 634 is a notable land grab of attention.The key to the benefits derived is to identify the likelihood of the influencer’s own audience resonance; a far more involved task which we will cover in another post..

4. Oroton are going through their own Cinderella story all due to Meghan. From being on the verge of bankruptcy to now having a waiting list with a 3 month delivery date shows the influence Meghan has in the fashion world. Choosing to wear the Avalon bag was a “huge endorsement for our new creative direction” says their chief executive Ross Lane.

Orotons influencer marketing is a clear representation of how important it is to have the right fit between brand and influencer.  @ryanginns and @gabriellabjersland, along with 200 other influencers have a reach o 101,502 in relation to Orotons reach of only 353! With the recent Meghan Effect boosting their brands awareness, these numbers will only continue to rise.

5. Another Canadian brand basking in the Meghan Effect is Sentaler.  Known as her go-to coat brand since her days on Suits. Now worn by both Kate and Meghan.The hypoallergenic and cruelty free coats have 4 month waiting lists! They made their first appearance at London Fashion Week with a private showcase which presented some of the royals most captured looks

Sentaler has also from benefited from this. Influencers such as @amrezy and @zorannah generated an amplified engagement of for the brand. The influencers generate the brand an amplified engagement of 168,719. This as compared with Sentalers average engagement of 516 - finding the right influencer for your brand is crucial for growth.

6. Nobody can forget Harry & Meghans first public appearance at the Invictus Games, especially not Finlay & Co whose Percy sunglasses, worn by the bride to be crashed their site multiple times and had a £20,000 increase in sales overnight. Their US sales have skyrocketed says co-founder David Lockhead, their US revenue is up 2,700% compared to last year. The Percy sunglasses account for 80% of their total sales. Good news: they are back in stock, get them quick!

Finlay & Co have an average post per reach of 191. Comparing this to their 134 mentions which garnered them an average reach of 890 - it goes to show that any brand, regardless of the industry can rely on an influencer to expand their audience.

If there is one thing we can take away from the “Meghan Effect” its that an influencer is crucial for brand awareness. Finding the right fit between brand and influencer is guaranteed success. She has become the great fashion influencer of the year, her individual style and trendy appeal is much more effective than any advertising campaign. It’s estimated that she will contribute £150 million annually to the British Fashion in unofficial endorsements.


Imagine if your brand worked with influencers in the same way? The ‘everyday’ person approach to marketing is what sells. This becomes extremely important with smaller brands who can’t hire the top models we see in magazines. They can achieve the same success as larger brands who can. A recent study by Later shows that micro influencers charge less than $250 for a sponsored post and since their audience is your potential customers they convert quicker giving you a better bang for your buck.


Influencer marketing provides a more organic experience, your influencers become a walking fashion catalogue - being able to see the product in use provides a more relatable shopping experience. The “Meghan Effect” will only continue to grow after the royal nuptials - we’re excited to see all the outfits she’ll dawn as she takes on more royal duties!