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Influencer Marketing

We'll show you the secrets to make your Influencer campaigns a success every time.

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and find
more like them

Search the best Influencers to collaborate with, check out our pricing benchmarks to know how much to pay them and learn how to negotiate the best deals.

Harness the Influencer's


You'll understand the nature of any Influencer's popularity by seeing what their fans and followers are saying about them then learn to harness their reputation for your brand.

You negotiate the best deals when you can

Predict what's likely to happen

76 hidden Influencer attributes are summarised for you in an easy to use dashboard allowing you to predict Influencer brand compatibility and the likely success for your brand.

X-ray your competition

See who your competitors are collaborating with and why

We'll show you how to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors with deep insight about their brand promotion tactics, who's talking about them and how you can use it to find new customers for your brand.

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We run dedicated training sessions with select brands that are forward-thinking and looking to increase sales and exposure through Social and Influencer Marketing. As Facebook, Instagram and Shopify Plus partners, we are ideally placed to offer world-class strategy, creative and campaign execution. We’ll show you how to get the maximum from specialist tastemakers, thought leaders and passionate experts with engaged audiences in over 320 specialist categories.

Book a 15min Zoom Demo
that will Guarantee to Transform Your Brand

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Built for brands that sell online Sauce considers the full customer journey from discovery through to basket. It's an end-to-end solution that works seemlessly with your existing bespoke or platform based eCommerce infrastructure.


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