Shoppable Instagram embeds are our new favourite toy

So, we wanted to be able to give you a way to have your Instagram shop "to-go" as in like your favourite Chinese takeaway. Shop embeds are now being rolled out to all our early access invitees - so if you already have a Snapppt account go ahead and embed your shoppable Instagram feed on any page within your store or website.

The embed widgets are being shipped out in two flavours... there's a carousel and a shop grid.


The carousel embed is controllable via your embed settings, so you get to control how your want your carousel to appear which will depend on where you ultimately want to showcase it. Here's an example of one such carousel embed.

Carousel embed

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The Shop Grid embed, as the name suggests, takes your feed and embeds it as a, well, as a grid. The number of rows and columns is completely up to you. The grid will automatically adapt and resize itself into any screen size. All your Instagram photos are shoppable as you'd expect them to be on Snapppt via the buy button.

Here's an example of how the grid looks:



Shop Grid embed


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